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    Big Data Revolution

    Big Data Analytics

    Big data has been a hot topic over the last few years, as a result of the technological advancement and digital tools which are allowing us to collect hundreds of data, companies have seen themselves overwhelm with this amount of data. Therefore, many of them have seen themselves in the need of building a team of big data analysts or outsourcing all their data analytics to companies, contractors or freelancers.

    Extract great actionable insights

    Extracting, analysing and displaying data so that you can make more informed decisions in a data-driven world.

    Building key data sets to empower exploratory analysis

    We aim to create data sets that speak volumes for you to gain the most valuable insights about your business and customers.

    Model development and deployment

    We combine strategy, data insights, and technology engineering, to create visual representations of data and change the game for you and your customers

    What do I do as a Big Data?

    Below I have created a table to visually show you in a more convenient way the three-step process that data analysis involves

    Big data analysts generally collect all the information and data from a database using programming languages and commands – commonest one is Python. I extract all the relevant data, I categorize it and clean it to remove all the information which might be necessary for the task in particular. After obtaining all the necessary data, I will create a table displaying visually all the information to be consumed much easier and in a way that helps companies and executives make more informed decisions.

    Data Analytics that will empower your company.

    Start leveraging the power of your data to make informed decisions. Choose a data analytics company that is passionate about numbers and science.

    Analyse the performance of campaigns

    I can help extract the most important insights within an advertising or promotional campaign or just a simple initiate. If you are testing a new product and you would like to understand how consumers are perceiving it, you can contact me.

    Present recommendations to clients

    Presentation skills carry a heavy load on the overall project as I will highlight and introduce to your team your data key points in a visually attractive and easy-to-understand way.

    Personalisation of data to directly address the client’s online objectives.

    One of the main reasons why most of my clients are happy with my service is because of my ability to understand their goals and business objectives as well as their market in a way that helps me to export the most relevant data and present it to them. Addressing my client’s goals and needs when it comes to data is my main ability.

    Present recommendations to clients

    Arranging the right data to be displayed visually in a way that can be read appropriately to make a founded decision is crucial in the modern-day business world. .

    Deliver actionable insights

    If your data is already filtered and cleaned, all you might need is someone to manipulate and display it in a more visual way. I can create multiple visual data insights which will result in more informed decisions.

    Present recommendations to clients

    If you click on the following link, you will find very creative examples of data visualization that will impress you and convince you of how effective and convenient data analysis is.

    Manipulate complex datasets using a range of tools such as Python, SQL, Hive and Spark

    Many times, companies do not require data presentation or visualization as they feel more comfortable with choosing themselves all the data sets that are relevant to their needs. However the amount of data needed to analyze is surmountable, that is when I come into place by manipulating, cleaning and filtering all the data to make it easier to present and understand.

    Choose value, choose us

    My key skills as a Big Data analyst

    To become a successful big data analyst, you have to be effective at extracting the most relevant data, and have developed over the years an inclination to understand business and market perspectives as well as consumer behaviour. Besides, it is important to have good communication skills and being empathic to understand the client’s point of view. Below I have outlined the skills that make me stand out as a Big Data analyst:

    Business intelligence

    To actually understand what data is relevant for a particular project, it is crucial to have a business intelligence mindset and understand what the priorities of a particular business are to determine what aspect in the data analysis process are most important.

    Data assurance

    We are a branding, design & digital creative agency. We bring new brands to life &Ensuring data is secured and handled with care by following safety and backing up protocols to keep raw data intact will make any analysis bullet-proof. And this is my main motto when it is bulletproof security to protect data above all.

    Data quality

    Data quality refers to the process of selecting, filtering or building systems to ensure data is relevant and valuable. During this process, it is important to remove spammy data sets, old or inaccurate data that might have been stored in databases through bots or just manual action.


    The finance industry has probably the sector that accumulates the largest amount of data. Due to its very nature, finance requires to store thousands of transactions each day and many times understanding and analysing such huge quantities of data sets could be overwhelming.

    Other services

    Discover insights on both online and offline user behaviour

    Much similar to the previous services, discovering insights and patterns within consumers conducts would ultimately help make more informed decisions. Today companies can access large amounts of data stored thanks to digital technology, extracting this to understand what your consumers or clients expect from you would be absolutely valuable.

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    Other services

    Personalisation of data to directly address the client's online objectives.

    One of the main reasons why most of my clients are happy with my service is because of my ability to understand their goals and business objectives as well as their market in a way that helps me to export the most relevant data and present it to them. Addressing my client’s goals and needs when it comes to data is my main ability.

    Frequently asked question

    Most of my quotes barely take a couple of days to be sent to my clients. However, sometimes, I would require to see your data processes and how your data sets are stored to get a full understanding of how long extracting the data will take. In these cases, quotes can take slightly longer but within a few days, it will get there.

    It is really hard to give a general statement on how long it will take a particular job to be finished as it really depends on the amount of data required to be analyzed. If you really need to know beforehand the length of the process, or you have a deadline, please feel free to email me all that information and I will get back to you as soon as possible which usually takes less than 24 hours.


    Start analysing your data

    Best tools in data analytics


    This programming language has been moving up a position within the coding world thanks to its versatility. As humble and useful as PHP but at the same time, Python is as powerful as any top tier programming language such as C and C#. Python seems to be taken over in the data analytics world as the main language and most companies and analysts use it.

    Analytics Software

    Google Analytics and Adobe have become increasingly popular and important in the data analytics world thanks to the amount of data

    Data presentation tools

    In this department, there are two winners that are particularly standing out among their competitors: Tableau and Excel. It seems like Excel can be used for almost anything. Well done, Gates. True, excel is so practical and widely used that even today it is reinventing itself by becoming one of the important tools in data presentation. Tableau, on the other hand, is arguably the foremost data presentation tool. Being very extremely popular within the industry, it has become the most used tool.
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