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    Data Visualisation

    Strategy and capability to deliver actionable data science solutions.

    Data Analysis

    Retaining sustainable data to build and support the business initiatives

    Quantitative Analysis

    We develop strategic approaches to improve your data analytics
    What do I do as a Big Data?

    Below I have created a table to visually show you in a more convenient way the three-step process that data analysis involves

    Data Analytics that will empower your company.

    Start leveraging the power of your data to make informed decisions. Choose a data analytics company that is passionate about numbers and science.

    We are a data analytics company

    Data sets have grown over the past few years since the digital revolution and seem to keep growing at a really fast pace which is forcing companies to hire more and more data analysts and scientists. At Analytics and Data, we aim to solve this problem for companies who are struggling to manage and interpret all the information stored in their databases.

    Choose data analytics that shows results

    If you are looking for a reliable, creative and innovative data analytics company, please get in touch with to discuss your project further. Our mission is to provide high quality.

    The power of data analytics

    As a data analytics companies, we are experts in Big Data and we can quickly understand your businesses goal and market which eventually will help during the analytical process to choose what data sets are more relevant and ultimately help you make more informed decisions. Our goal is to empower you with actionable insights to give you a competitive edge in your market by understanding and processing crucial information points.

    Present recommendations to clients

    Arranging the right data to be displayed visually in a way that can be read appropriately to make a founded decision is crucial in the modern-day business world. .

    Data analytics insights

    Thanks to the data and analysis process that we use at Analytics & Data we can help you, we can help you get the most out of all the relevant information. Information and a gown are instruments that can play a crucial role in success and decision making.

    Our focus is to deliver actionable data

    The focus of our work is to help clients build key data sets to empower operational and exploratory analysis constructed using the most powerful programming and analytics tools. .

    High-quality analytical insights for companies

    To learn more about our services or discuss your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always refining to innovate and discover growth mechanisms. We aim to innovate within the Big data industry, our passion is to focus on delivering powerful data insights and extracting insights.

    Choose value and passion

    Big Data Company and the most advanced systems

    We use the latest technologies in data analytics and visualization. At A&D, we aim to stay at ahead of our competitors by using the most effective processes and the cutting-edge technologies.

    Extract great actionable insights

    To actually understand what data is relevant for a particular project, it is crucial to have a business intelligence mindset and understand what the priorities of a particular business are to determine what aspect in the data analysis process are most important.

    Model development and deployment

    We combine strategy, data insights, and technology engineering, to create visual representations of data and change the game for you and your customers..

    Building key data sets to empower exploratory analysis

    We aim to create data sets that speak volumes for you to gain the most valuable insights about your business and customers.


    The finance industry has probably the sector that accumulates the largest amount of data. Due to its very nature, finance requires to store thousands of transactions each day and many times understanding and analysing such huge quantities of data sets could be overwhelming.

    Unique dedication

    Leverage your data

    Much similar to the previous services, discovering insights and patterns within consumers conducts would ultimately help make more informed decisions. Today companies can access large amounts of data stored thanks to digital technology, extracting this to understand what your consumers or clients expect from you would be absolutely valuable.

    Happy Clients
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    Skills that stand out

    Data analytics through the best languages
    Data analytics requires a strong understanding of programming languages such as R and Python which together with Pandas and Tableau play a key role in data visualization and arranging. Thanks to the combination of these three platforms, analysts are able to manipulate, organize, arrange and understand data sets faster and more clearly.

    Find your course

    Work with a top Data Company

    Leverage data that will help you create powerful plans

    If data has become an overwhelming task for you and your team, we can help you analyze and leverage all the information to make it easier to understand.

    Be more competitive in a data-driven world

    Data will eventually drive most of our business decisions. By making the most of your data, your plans and activities will be more informed decisions.

    Be more competitive in a data-driven world

    The amount of data we are handling these days keeps growing and growing and soon companies and organizations will find themselves overwhelmed by large and unmanageable quantities of information.

    We build bridges between data, companies and decisions

    We place visual dashboards working in all fields of the industries. We provide you with information in a much more visual and effective way to empower you and your company with informed decisions.
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      Getting started with data and analytics

      Best data analytics tools

      You can manipulate data to create powerful dashboards and graphs which will help you make more informed decisions which ultimately make you outperform your competition.

      We review and analyze data in any organizational areas.

      We assist our customers with building strategic plans that help them to leverage their data to make an immediate impact. We help companies increase efficiency and improve data visualization.

      Data Company for all

      Financial Big Data Analytics

      This kind of financial services has been investing largely for the last years in data collection and processing technologies such as warehouses and Business Intelligence which eventually have become one of the conceiving partners of Big Data.

      Data Analytics

      On the other hand, a data scientist needs to be highly skilled at Maths and statistics so they can interpret and select all the relevant data sets according to a specific or more general criterion which eventually aims to satisfy the goal of the search for a specific purpose within the data analysis.


      Exploratory analytical dashboards

      Exploratory analytical dashboards

      Helping Innovative Companies with data and analytics. Think Big, think data. Start smart and scale fast with our industry-leading expert services and solutions. 

      Best data analytics tools

      Machine Learning
      Financial Big Data Analytics


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